What we offer

  • Supply Coaches to schools wanting to outsource their coaching.
  • Run accredited training workshops for teachers and coaches (20 CPTD Points)
  • Selling of sports equipment and accessories
  • Host and run events, leagues and festivals.
  • We run criminal checks for coaches and staff.

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Amaven and Fielding Dreams

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Amaven’s Education Platform seeks to provide a tool to improve wellness for all children and young people. We want all children and young people to feel healthy and have the capacity to succeed in school and life. By adopting a ‘whole school’ approach to nurturing physical and emotional wellbeing, we can improve long term fitness, reduce health inequalities, increase social inclusion and raise achievement for all.

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What Is Goby



 Fielding Dreams has joined the Goby team.

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 Goby Team

Global Organisation 4 Brighter Youth (GOBY) symbolised by fish structures strategically positioned onto prominent beaches, aims to educate South African families on the importance of reducing,reusing and recycling waste,while removing plastic waste from our beaches.

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What are our customers saying

  • Marist Brothers Linmeyer
    EXTERNAL COACHING PROVES TO BE A SUCCESS Exteral coaching training sessions are a necessary and valuable opportunity for Marist Brothers Linmeyer's (MBL) external High School coaches to refine their skills and knowledge in the field of coaching. These sessions typically focus on enhancing effective communication, active listening, emotional intelligence and goal-setting techniques. It is also vital that our MBL High School external coaches are criminal checked annually and are certified in Child Protection. We enjoyed two days of coaching training sessions by Popcorn People and Luke Lamprecht that involved engaging and interactive activities, insightful discussions and practical exercises aimed at honing coaching abilities and correct practices when dealing with young people. The sessions provided a safe and supportive environment for participants to receive constructive feedback and learn from one another's experiences. Ultimately, these exceptional coaching training sessions empower individuals to become more impactful and empathetic coaches, capable of guiding our students towards personal and professional success. We thank our new High School external coaching partner, Fielding Dreams, for organising these sessions that took place at MBL as well as for ensuring that our High School is provided with well-qualified external coaches that align with the ethos of Marist Brothers Linmeyer.
    Posted by Mr Craig Winfield - Head of Sport
  • Sandton Swimming Lessons
    Veera has absolutely enjoyed the swim lessons and in observing while she swims the structure of the lessons are so well thought out that we can see her progressing week on week. The coaches are so amazing and make the lessons very fun and interactive for her to grasp and remember the techniques. The individual attention given to the kids is excellent.
    Posted by Vimal & Joshni - Parents
  • Coaching
    The coaches care about the kids and are passionate about growing the kids' confidence on the field. With experienced coaches, full of knowledge and driven, the company has staff who are ready to deliver exceptional service by accommodating everyone. I would recommend Fielding Dreams to any school that is looking to grow a sporting culture in their school. Fielding Dreams believes in unity and maximum participation. The Amaven platform is great, a tool that is made to track and monitor the child's performance is a great way to understand what the child is doing for Physical Education and sorts.
    Posted by Mpho Pooe (Sports Coach)