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In The Field Of Play

“In The Field Of Play” Workshop 2


Fielding Dreams announces the launch of its SACE accredited endorsed workshops.

The aim of these workshops is to turn great educators into great sports coaches, so that learners in schools can directly benefit from educators that will be upskilled with:

Our 2nd in a series of 3 workshops:

“In the Field of Play Workshop 2” – Technical and Practical Coaching

To equip Educators with the basic skills to become better sports coaches where the following course content will be covered:

Course Content

ADMINISTRATION PROCESS – To equip a school with the correct administrative programmes, processes, procedures and guidelines for the effective and efficient management of their Sports office and extra- curricular activities where the following content will be covered:

General Policies & Procedures, Practical guidelines to effective structure of sports department, Sport Code of Conduct, Safety, Organising a tournament, Sponsorship, Considerations of How/what to budget for.

TECHNICAL AND PRACTICAL COACHING – To upskill coaches and educators to apply the correct coaching techniques, implement practical lesson plans and measurable, meaningful physical activities so as to improve the general sporting competency, overall fitness and well-being of learners within their schools’ sport and extra-curricular programme where the following course content will be covered:

Lesson Exemplars, When to coach what, Motor skills, correct use of Technical Equipment, Games & Activities, Time Management and Maximum participation, Safety & Discipline, Coaches’ Self- evaluation, Learner assessment matrix & benchmarks.


“In The Field Of Play Workshop 2" (SACE ACCREDITED)

R1050.00 per delegate.

5 Hour Workshop

Each delegate attending this course will receive the following:

– Certification and 10x SACE accredited CPTD points;

– Fielding Dreams link to drive, loaded with all courseware/content;

– Venue at the school with all training and technical equipment supplied by Fielding

Fielding Dreams is targeting mostly primary schools in the Gauteng area for a Phase 1/local implementation. It is our intention to always have a mixed element of representation and demographics at each of our work-shops. There will be schools that have the financial affordability to send delegates from their respective schools and then there will also be those that have a need and want to send delegates but cannot afford to. In the spirit of Ubuntu, we encourage the more fortunate schools to “adopt-a-school/sponsor a delegate” of a less fortunate school at a discounted price so that we can ensure that our initiative can positively impact the greater community of schools.

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