A Whole-School approach to Health and Wellbeing

Every school recognises the importance of teaching and developing skills to improve the health and wellbeing of pupils now and in adulthood. These skills include learning and regularly engaging in physical activities, understanding healthy foods and healthy lifestyle choices, building healthy relationships and managing their emotional development.

To support each school to embed these skills and meet the learning outcomes set out by the national curriculum, Amaven has created a comprehensive Healthy Schools Programme.

It enables schools to deliver a complete health and wellbeing agenda via cross-links to core components of the national curriculum.

Key Features
  • Structured curriculum to embed healthy lifestyles
  • Lesson plans and video based classroom activities
  • Promote dance, athletics and games
  • Themed assemblies for a dynamic start to the school day
  • Access to Home Activity videos
  • Tools to measure, track and report ‘Evidence of the Impact’
A fully embedded PSW curriculum linked to the core subjects
  • Learning about physical activity, healthy eating and lifestyle choices 
  • Emotional health and building healthy relationships 
  • Being safe (road hazards, digital safety, personal safety)
Increasing physical activity in the school
  • Starting every lesson in an active way
  • Encouraging physical activity in the home 
  • Reducing sedentary behaviours
Promoting healthy eating
  • Nutritious lunchboxes
  • The importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Healthy hydration 
Delivering outstanding PE lessons
  • Master movement skills and play sports confidently
  • Assess the movement skills of every child
  • Generate Impact Reports
Mental health awareness
  • Calm and refocus pupils
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Reduce disruptive behaviours

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