The Fielding Dreams Coaching program is our specialized sports education program developed for learners from primary school to high school.


Our programme focuses on:

  • Producing well rounded individuals with a love and enthusiasm for sport
  • Confidence and competence
  • Life skills
  • Gross-motor skills
  • Neuro Co-ordination skills
  • Technical Abilities

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Outsourcing Coaches

Fielding-Dreams is proud of their coaching program and the quality of coaches we put on the sports field. We believe that the more coaches we can train, the more kids we can reach and the better sports stars we can produce. Our training program is designed to train your existing coaches in our program. We will work closely with your school and coaches in helping improve the quality of sport coaching.

Furthermore, we will assess each coach and provide feed back to the school. We also run coaching workshops throughout the year. We would like for coaches to share their knowledge and be able to keep up to date with the latest techniques and coaching programs.

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Our Schools

As the children progress through the stages, they will Each receive certificates showing their progress of Learning. We strive for a common goal which is to get kids active and to enjoy sports.

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