"Free for all parents whilst the schools are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic"

Home Training Programmes For Children Of All Ages

Young Champions has been created by sports coaches, movement specialists and sports scientists to provide young children with home practice sessions to develop fitness, motor and sports skills. It will help children of all ages and abilities to play sport to the best of their ability and keep them active and healthy. 


The Secret To Development

We all know ‘practice makes perfect’, however, it’s more accurate to say, ‘practice makes improvements.’ The more you practise, the more improvements you will see. Just like learning a musical instrument or preparing for an academic exam, the key to success is what you practise and how often. Our programme will provide training sessions and drills to perform daily comprising of Movement Skills, Sports Skills, Yoga and Dance.

Three Easy Steps

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A Typical Movement Training Session

A typical practice session may include Bodyweight Training, Animal movements, Motor Skills, Ball Mastery and Ball Manipulation drills.

All the drills are designed to improve Acceleration, Speed and Agility both with and without the ball.

It Never Gets Easier