Physical Education

Amaven equips teachers who don't have formal PE training with the know how and resources required to deliver a structured PE curriculum and monitor progress via assessments. The curriculum progresses through key stages and age groups to master the fundamental movement skills, understand healthy nutrition, enjoy emotional wellbeing and develop resilience.

Fundamental movement skills provide a foundation for many types of physical activity including play, games, dance, outdoor recreation and sports. These skills are essential for participation in and appreciation of healthy, active lifestyles. 

Early Years
  • Framework covers Physical Development, Communications, Literacy, Mathematics, etc.
  • Expanding library of lesson plans and activities
  • Engaging storyboards featuring animal characters
  • Follow the adventures of Bertie Bunny and friends
  • Pupils learn different ways to move (e.g. leaping, catching, throwing, etc.)
PE and Sports Lesson Plans
  • An extensive library of lesson plans with video support
  • Assessment and reporting tools
  • Covers all the main sports and Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Caters for all phases, key stages and abilities
  • Upskills teachers with suitable resources
  • CAPS relevant lesson plans


Assessment Tool and Impact Reports
  • An extensive library of assessments
  • Assessments completed in one PE class per term
  • Automatic data visualisation for teachers
  • Data identifies exceeding or underachieving pupils
  • Track progress throughout a pupil’s school life
  • Create and email Impact Reports to parents
  • Add general and individual comments to Impact Reports
PE Planner
  • Plan a structured PE programme for all classes
  • Less planning time required for teachers
  • Assign weekly lesson plans for teachers to follow
  • Search for specific lessons
  • Access class specific lessons from the Class Locker
Home Training Videos
  • Help children stay active at home
  • Step by step instructions for each video
  • Practise and master Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Improve fitness
  • Build competence and confidence
PE & Sport Teacher Training
  • Upskill teachers to improve the delivery and impact of PE and sports
  • Comprehensive library of PE and sports training videos
  • Lesson plans with accompanying videos

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