Extra Coaching Programs

Extra Coaching Programs

We have extra coaching programs available at certain locations

  • Crawford Sandton Soccer
  • Bellavista Coaching
Bellavista Coaching

A unique style of coaching that encompasses individualized session plans designed to incorporate an athlete’s individual needs/wants to grow, progress and to be empowered. 

The extra coaching program is conceptualized and designed to accommodate cycles of learning over 21 day periods focused on the sustained development of basic skills and abilities required to play each sport.

  • Basketball
  • Soccer 


Our philosophy transcends beyond the sports field with a methodology that not only aims at physical and sporting competency but, synonymous, sustainable and progressive overall development, which allows for adaptation and transference in school.

The program offers 3 phases of learning that cover a combined focus on basic skills, fundamentals, movements, physical development, positioning, open play and decision making in sport at school level.

  • Fundamental Phase

  • Developmental Phase

  • Advanced Phase

Package Breakdown

  • Daily Vitamin (specific exercise/drill)
  • Progressive 1/2 cycle reports and recommendations
  • Individualized Home Program
  • 21 Sessions per term


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